R&R Oil Services assumes responsibility for:
- people;
- environment;
- stakeholders.

R&R Oil Services does not allow and will not tolerate dangerous conditions or activities, unsafe, unhealthy or harmful to the environment, activities over which has control.

Implementation and achievement of health management and occupational safety and environmental protection is supported with full responsibility and authority by the management organization at the highest level, ensuring the administrative, technical and organizational framework and, especially, by providing human, material and financial resources.

Management has defined responsibilities, authorities and functional relationships for all personnel who design, manage, perform and check the processes and activities that affect quality that may have influence on the environment and can affect health.

Our scope is continuous improvement of our activities, processes and working environment. Delimiting consistently objectives and monitoring their fulfillment, we create conditions for the continuous improvement. Besides the economic objectives, also are well established goals related to health, safety, environment and quality.

We take measures to limit risks by appropriate analysis, adapting to technological progress our locations and increase awareness of our employees regarding environmental issues and safety through continuing education and concrete information.

Environmental information (updated text at date: 1st January 2022)

ROHRER OILFIELD SERVICES carries out activities with a significant impact on the environment, regulated activities in terms of environmental protection, implemented and certified by the Environmental management systems ISO 14001:2015. Their conduct involves the activities of the services of oil and natural gas extraction, repair and maintenance of ships and boats, as well as road transport of dangerous goods.

Information on the environment is progressively disseminated and made available to the public for the purpose of achieving a fair briefing. In order to achieve the intended purpose, it promotes, in particular, the use of electronic technology and computerized telecommunications.

This application provides the right of access to the environmental information owned by Rohrer Oilfield Services, about the consequences of the activities on the environment.

The underlying principles of these activities are:
-the principle of transparency towards consumers, ensuring access to information on the negative effects that hazardous substances and chemical preparations can generate.

The policy in the field of environmental protection is implemented within the organization and forms the foundation of the integrated Management system, being known and applied, together with the procedures corresponding to each activity, of all staff within the organization. The policy is displayed in public places in the organization, as well as on the company's website, so that it is always available to interested parties.

The information on compliance with the values of the monitored environmental indicators shall be displayed on a quarterly basis on the company's webpage in order to inform the public correctly.

Environmental monitoring
Waste is selectively collected by categories of waste. Are stored temporarily, after which they are taken over by approved companies for recycling, permanent storage or neutralization, as appropriate. Waste management is realized monthly, the information is transmitted annually to the Environmental Protection Agency from Constanta.
Any accidental pollution shall be announced in an emergency procedure to the competent environmental protection authorities. No such events have occurred until this time. Concentrations and mass flow rates of pollutants, the level of noise, admitted to environmental evacuation that can affect environmental elements, have not exceeded the maximum permissible limits.
Rohrer Oilfield Services complies with the provisions of OUG No. 196/2005 on the Environmental Fund, approved by Law No. 105/2006 with subsequent modifications and additions.

Status of environmental elements
The air and atmosphere, water, soil, earth surface, as well as the interaction between these elements, were not affected as a result of the ongoing activity.

Waste and Packaging Management module
The wastes produced are: various types and quantities of household waste generated from its own administrative activities.
The collected waste is: household waste, recyclable waste (PET, paper, cardboard, wood, glass, metal) and waste not intended for human consumption (02.02.03).
Household waste is temporarily stored in the bins, and plastic waste, cardboard, wood, iron, glass, is stored on a concrete and calibrated platform. All containers are marked with waste codes in a visible, legible and durable way.
The recovered waste is pressed plastic waste. Their treatment shall be carried out as soon as possible in such a way as to avoid uncontrolled storage or spreading them. The other types of waste shall be surrendered to authorised economic operators in accordance with Law No. 211/2011. The transport of waste is carried out by authorised economic agents, in compliance with the provisions of HG No. 1061/2008 with subsequent modifications and additions.
Waste management reports shall be drawn up monthly and shall be submitted annually by 31 January for the previous calendar year of operation. The annual report was made to the Environmental Protection Agency from Constanta in accordance with the requirements of the environmental authorization. These reports include the data needed for all waste generated.
At this point of work, no packaging results are used.

How to manage hazardous substances and preparations
Rohrer Oilfield Services does not use hazardous substances and preparations at this point of work.

Compliance with legislation
Verification of compliance with the provisions of the regulatory acts in force shall be made by the competent environmental protection authorities. In the fourth quarter of 2021, no control was carried out by the National Environmental Guard – Constanta County Commissioner.
Verification of compliance with the requirements of the environmental Management system shall be made periodically by the certifying body. During this period, the audit of the recertification of the integrated management system, supported by DNV-GL, took place.
Verification of compliance with the contractual requirements of beneficiaries is made by internal audits, second and third party.

Compliance Program
Environmental protection authorities, through regulatory acts issued, did not impose measures to reduce the present and future effects of the activities carried out.

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